Global Game Jam 2018 – Transmission

Our 4th year together at Game Jam (With Kwan / Adam / Nik).

Unfortunately our composer Pierre could not be with us, however he did redeem himself afterwards!

We had 48 hours to make a game under the theme “Transmission”.

Interestingly this time it didn’t went as smooth as it usually does – with alot of design issues and walls we had to overcome. But by the end of it we created a pretty epic game called Transmogrify!


(Transmogrify Gameplay Video)


Transmogrify is a 2 player VS game where you have to convert humans to your species / religion, in order for them to do your bidding – which is run around transmitting the disease like zombies!

(Playtesting Transmogrify at Beer & Pixels)



(Nik, Kwan, Adam, Carlton)



Photo and Game Jam Videos by Scott Turner

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