Our Games

Here are a list of games that InJoyLabs have developed, or currently developing.


Hungry Pets

Hungry Pets is a casual Puzzle game, where you play as Aphelia the pet-sitter, as she travels from city to city running her personal business in taking care of peoples pets!

Cell Surgeon

Cell Surgeon is a mobile touch based puzzle game about killing Viruses.

You play as Doctor Rylus as he and his monkey sidekick Flip sets on a quest to find a cure to the deadly Mega-virus that has been infecting citizens around the world.

Draw A Box

Draw a Box is a simple mobile casual game, Inspired by when you are bored, and drawing boxes around desktop icons.

The aim of the game is to draw as many perfect boxes as possible.

Suitable for all ages, anyone can draw a box, but the question is…. how many boxes can YOU draw?

Games We Helped Publish

Games that we helped others release onto IOS and Googleplay!.



Finally theres a game for the horoscope enthusiasts, and StarMatcher is a Horoscope Matchmaking Game – where you must learn how to read peoples zodiac signs simply by knowing their birthdays!

Not only that – but you’ll then also need to figure out which star sign are they compatible partners with! This is a fun little educational game that can help you get better with your zodiac memory!


Here are a list of games that we helped make at some Global Game Jams!


GrappleSaurus – 2020

What originated as a game where you play as someone Grappling down a “Hong Kong” apartment building, fixing Air Conditioners, to tie in with the theme HOME – eventually derails into an endless grappling game that has NOTHING to do with theme anymore…

Theres also a Velociraptor – because for some reason we always wished for a dinosaur or a dragon in every game jam

Hungry Towns – 2019

A modern spin on the classic SNAKE.

Collect food with your tractor train – and deliver them to all the hungry towns demanding food! Available for IOS and Android

Transmogrify – 2018

So we made a game about transmitting diseases, to create zombies, that then walking around transmitting more disease!

Only instead of zombies, they are now Alien Master race, trying to rule the world, converting humans into their minions.

Transmogrify is a 2 player – couch VS game – where you have to dominate the opponent by overrunning them with your army!

The Dark Below – 2017

Explore the depths of the ocean with Lela on a quest to recover the Mystique Gem, in this underwater diving adventure! But watch out! There are some sinister creatures down there! Can you survive the dark below?

The game introduces the core mechanic of PUSH and PULL. You must pull in all the air bubbles to maintain your oxygen level, but you must PUSH away all the enemies to avoid being damaged. Its the mindful balance of push and pulling that makes this game a uniquely challenging!

Zukacheni – 2016

When two tribes realize they can’t get along, they agree to meet a specific time and place and battle it out with the help of their beloved gods. Zukacheni is a 2-player puzzle fighting game where you play as followers of giant gods.

Summon arcane symbols from the Solar Incantation Dial™ with ritualistic chants to perform attacks and defeat your opponent!

Developed for Global Game Jam 2016!

Time Burn – 2015

TimeBurn is a 2D Platformer, with Puzzle and Time Traveling elements!

In a Burning House, you must save all the trapped Civilians, before they meet their inevitable death.

You have 1 minute to save them all, but you will need to require your Time Traveling abilities to make sure you can save them all in time!

Stranded – 2014

Stranded is a PC game prototype created during Global Game Jam 2014 in Sydney.

Created in 48 hours, the game lets you play as an Alien who has crash landed on Earth and stranded amongst the indigenous tribe.

You must find supplies to repair your spaceship, whilst influencing the indigenous people your ways and beliefs in order to succeed.

Crisopid – 2012

Crisopid is casual arcade game about killing Cancer cells!

You take control of a nano-robot that has been injected into a patient’s body to prevent the infected cells from spreading with Melanomas.

Using your laser technology… you must do your best to prevent the inevitable death of the patient.

Game Prototypes

Here are a list of small prototypes that we experimented with:


Traffic Control

Traffic Control is a 2 day prototype, with the intent of creating an entire game based off existing assets from the Asset Store.

The result was a pretty and fun 3D version of the classic Traffic Control game!


Jet Bears

JetBears is a prototype developed over 2 weeks. It is meant to be a mobile game, and it was a first practice at the re-skinning game development formula, which was a “trending” technique at the time.

The game, whilst was efficiently developed and visually appealing, lacked a sense of flare or “fun”… and was a formula that seem to have been done a lot already.

The project was put on hold to resume working on other high priority projects.


Running Man

Running man is a multiplayer arcade game, where you have to the color ground by running over it, and have the most points at the end of the game!

It was a rapid prototype done within a month for showcase on Storycode event: http://www.storycode.org/

In addition to the game, we explored with Projection Mapping, and the game was projected onto a WALL and TABLE, to give the illusion of a 3D hologram!


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