About Cell Surgeon

Cell Surgeon is a unique mobile puzzle game, utilising swiping / tapping and multi touch gestures.

Cell Surgeon is a match-3 game (think Candy Crush) but on a SPHERE, and with a twist!

You play as Doctor Rylus, an expert virologist who he has been assigned to find a cure to the deadly mega-viruses that have infecting citizens worldwide.

Cell Surgeon is currently still in development, and set to release 2015 for IOS and Android.


Download Cell Surgeon for IOS / Android!:

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The Team!

Award Winning Artist : Ry-Spirit

We have been very privileged to have award winning artist Ry-Spirit lead the art direction for Cell Surgeon!

If you are sold by all these artworks on this page, that is all due to the magic of Ry Spirits art skillz!

Whether you are into games or anime, click the link to check out Ry’s deviant art page! I can guarantee that you will be blown by his skills and his art!

Ryspirits DeviantArt Page

Duyker Audio

We have also been very privileged to have Pierre Duyker compose the soundtrack for Cell Surgeon!

Pierre’s sound design really amps up the immersion to Cell Surgeon, and improves the gameplay experience to the next level! If you are into sound and musical compositions,

You should totally check out his sound-cloud portfolio in the link below!

Pierre Duyker SoundCloud Page

Development Diaries

If you are interested in the development process, you can check out our Development diaries to see how Cell Surgeon progressed and transformed throughout the months of development!
Here you can see the very beginning when Cell Surgeon was in prototype stages, to how it iterated into the version it has become now!

Doctor Rylus Turntable


Old School Screenshots







Cell Surgeon @ EB-Expo 2013


Old Dev Diaries

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