Our Games

Cell Surgeon

Cell Surgeon is a mobile touch based puzzle game about killing Viruses.

You play as Doctor Rylus as he and his monkey sidekick Flip sets on a quest to find a cure to the deadly Mega-virus that has been infecting citizens around the world.

Hungry Pets

Hungry Pets is a casual Puzzle mobile game, where you must draw lines to guide food into some Hungry Pets!

Play as Aphelia Ellis, an aspiring Entrepreneur in the pet-care business, as she travels from city to city trying to establish her company!

Draw A Box

Draw a Box is a simple mobile casual game, Inspired by when you are bored, and drawing boxes around desktop icons.

The aim of the game is to draw as many perfect boxes as possible.

Suitable for all ages, anyone can draw a box, but the question is…. how many boxes can YOU draw?

Our Game JAMS!

Dark Below (2017)

Explore the depths of the ocean with Lela on a quest to recover the Mystique Gem, in this underwater diving adventure!

But watch out! There are some sinister creatures down there! Can you survive the dark below?

Zukacheni (2016)

When two tribes realize they can’t get along, they agree to meet a specific time and place and battle it out with the help of their beloved gods.

Summon arcane symbols from the Solar Incantation Dial™ with ritualistic chants to perform attacks and defeat your opponent!

Zukacheni is a 2-player puzzle fighting game where you play as worshippers of giant gods.

Time Burn! (2015)

Our Award Winning Game Jam Game!

TimeBurn is a 2D Platformer with Puzzle & Time Traveling elements!

In a Burning House, you must save all the trapped Civilians, before they meet their inevitable death.

You have 1 minute to save them all, but you will need to require your Time Traveling abilities to make sure you can save them all in time!

Stranded (2014)

Stranded is a PC game prototype created during Global Game Jam 2014 in Sydney.

Created in 48 hours, the game lets you play as an Alien who has crash landed on Earth and stranded amongst the indigenous tribe.

You must find supplies to repair your spaceship, whilst influencing the indigenous people your ways and beliefs in order to succeed.

C.R.I.S.O.P.I.D (2012)

Our very first Game Jam in back in 2012 became the driving force in starting up InJoyLabs!

Crisopid is casual arcade game about killing Cancer cells!

You take control of a nano-robot that has been injected into a patient’s body to prevent the infected cells from spreading with Melanomas.

Using your laser technology… you must do your best to prevent the inevitable death of the patient.

Our Other Prototypes

Traffic Control

A small 2 day prototype that was created entirely from existing assets, Traffic Control is a game that explores the extent behind the power of the asset store.

Jet Bears

JetBears explores the concept of Game-Reskinning, taking an existing game and switching out the graphics

Running Man

Running man is a Couch multiplayer game, where you have to the color ground by running over it, and have the most points at the end of the game!