When two tribes realize they can’t get along, they agree to meet a specific time and place and battle it out with the help of their beloved gods. Zukacheni is a 2-player puzzle fighting game where you play as followers of giant gods.

Summon arcane symbols from the Solar Incantation Dial™ with ritualistic chants to perform attacks and defeat your opponent!

Developed for Global Game Jam 2016!

Game Features

Acquire Arcane Symbols

Collect arcane symbols from the Solar Incantation Dial to perform attacks and damage your opponent!

Deal Lots of Damage!

Collect multiple similar symbols in a row to unleash an even stronger attack!

Perform the Zukacheni Ritual

Unleash your ultimate attack through collecting 6 summoning symbols before your opponent does!

Gameplay Video


(From Left to Right)
Carlton Zhu :
Game Programmer / Design

Adam Katz :
Technical Artist / Programmer

Pierre Duyker :
Composer / Sound Designer

Nik Sutila :
Character Artist / Animator

Kwan Chemsripong :
Character Artist / Animator



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