Prototypes – JetBears


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Choose from 4 Jet Bears!

Select from 4 unique JetBears, each with their own unique abilities and attributes. Choose which character fits your play-style, and try to master their talents!

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Endless Jetpack Adventure

Fly your way through a dynamic scenery as you avoid obstacles, and shoot down enemies. Collect coins as you go to purchase goodies from the store!

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Unlock Achievements

Obtain achievements, whilst also receiving additional bonuses at the same time. Hopefully that would bring good replay value to the game!


About JetBears

JetBears is a prototype developed over 2 weeks. It is meant to be a mobile game, and it was a first practice at the re-skinning game development formula, which was a “trending” technique at the time.

The game, whilst was efficiently developed and visually appealing, lacked a sense of flare or “fun”… and was a formula that seem to have been done a lot already.

The project was put on hold to resume working on other high priority projects.

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