About Stranded

Stranded was a game prototype developed for Global Game Jam 2014 held in Sydney. Global Game Jam is an event where you are given 48 hours to create a game. Stranded was the outcome that was produced by a 4 man team, and based on GGJ’s 2014 theme: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

The aim of the game is to walk around and “Convert” the entire village of indigenous people to your ways and beliefs. However there will be those who wont share your views and try to stop you. The game spans 2 eras, in which you must plant the seed of knowledge when the village was primitive, and then return to them in the future to acquire the technology influenced by your wisdom.

Gameplay Video

Game Features


Convert Indigenous People

Use your alien Mind Waves to convert the local indigenous people to your ways and culture… so that they may understand what you need to repair your ship.


Acquire Spaceship Parts

Your ship has lost power, and you are unable to return home!
You must somehow acquire power from a primitive civilisation.
Some see you as a Deity, but others are not so friendly!


Travel Through 2 Ages

Unfortunately the civilisation is too primitive to understand what is energy… so you must also travel in time to the medieval ages, where technology are much more acceptable.

InGame ScreenShots








The Team

Game Design: Damien Tsui, Simone Tropea

Character Design:
Damien Tsui

Damien Tsui, Simone Tropea

Technical Artist:
Carlton Zhu

Carlton Zhu

Matt Rudduck

Sound Effects:
Ned McPhie

Download Stranded Free! – PC & MAC

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Download for WINDOWS
Stranded.exe ZIP (17mb)
Download for MAC
Stranded.app ZIP (31mb)
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