Prototypes – Traffic Control


Game Features


Tap to hit the brakes!

Stop cars from crashing, with a very cool AI system that makes the cars behind also automatically stop as well if theres traffic ahead!


Swipe to speed up!

If its too late to stop, then speed up! And its much more satisfying than stopping anyway, but much more risky!


Avoid crashing as long as possible

Try to get a high-score by avoiding an accident for as long as possible. The game gets harder overtime, so skill is mandatory!

About Traffic Control

Traffic Control is a quick prototype done over 2 days during a holiday weekend!

Our aim was to design a game purely based off premade assets, to mash up a decent game in the shortest amount of time possible and explore the possibilities of what games are achievable!

So we sifted through the whole asset store to list down range of potential assets and we concluded that there was enough suitable assets on the store to create a solid Traffic Control game!

The result was a really fun game that looked polished for just 2 days work! Although the game has been done before, it was the possibility of mashing up assets to make a game, that opened our eyes to another dimension of game development that not many people know exists.

Play the Web Build

Play Traffic Control on your web browser!


Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.30.54 pm

Simple Town Assets

We based the game design based on the Simple Town assets, and with that, all assets that was needed was already stylised and ready, saving potentially weeks worth of modelling work!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.31.06 pm

Traffic Control Starter Pack

The basic systems was already there, but it was a 2D system. So we mainly spent a lot of time converting the system to work in with 3D Assets

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.30.47 pm

BlueSky GUI

Its important that the User Interface matches the games art style, and we literally went through the whole asset store to find the right one.

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