About The Game

Global Game Jam 2018 Theme : Transmit!

So we made a game about transmitting diseases, to create zombies, that then walking around transmitting more disease!

Only instead of zombies, they are now Alien Master race, trying to rule the world, converting humans into their minions.

Transmogrify is a 2 player – couch VS game – where you have to dominate the opponent by overrunning them with your army!


Game Features

Transmit Your Influence!

Transmit / Convert the weak minded humans to become your minions! But watch out as the other player is also trying to take your share of the pie!

Rally your Troops!

As the brains of this operations, you must rally your troops to take advantage of strategic areas that may help turn the tide of the battle!

Dominate your Opponent

There can only be a ruling god of this planet. Try to influence as many humans as you can, and watch them do your bidding, as they auto attack and dominate the opponent!


(From Left to Right)

Kwan Chemsripong :
Environment / Character Artist 

Adam Katz :
Technical Programmer

Pierre Duyker :
Composer / Sound Designer

Carlton Zhu :
Gameplay Programmer

Nik Sutila :
Character Animator / Artist

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