About Hungry Pets

Hungry Pets is a physics casual puzzle game for IOS & Android.

Draw lines with your fingers to direct food and feed the hungry pets!

You play as Apehlia Ellis, an aspiring Entrepreneur from the small town of Suburbville, trying to start up her Pet Care business.

Follow her journey as she takes care of peoples pets, and make sure everyone’s pets are fed and happy!

A story of Entrepreneurship

Follow Aphelia as she goes through the hustle of starting up her pet care business!


Aphelia asking local residents for advice, as she’s new to the town.


Signing up with a Mentor to help take her business to the next level.


Promoting her pet care business the old traditional way – offline Marketing.



Gameplay Screenshots


6 Exciting Worlds!

Play through 72 challenging levels throughout 6 unique world, each filled with their own unique challenges!

Start off in the hometown of Suburbville, and experience Aphelia’s entrepreneurial adventure as she travels across the cities in search for business opportunities.

If you love a good puzzle, this one will have you playing for a good several hours!

Concept Art

Hungry Pets – Coming Early 2017!


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