About Crisopid

Crisopid is a game made during the 48 hour Game Jam in 2012, by 4 people!
The main objective is to Draw Circles around Cancer cells that spawn randomly on a nucleus. This unique LASSO mechanic fits in with GGJ’s theme: Ouroboros… where the snake eats its own tail.

Game Features


Control a Robot Nanosnake

Using the mouse, the player must take control of C.R.I.S.O.P.I.D:

(Cancer Reclamation Internal Support Operator – Personal Internal Droid)

An advanced Nano-robot, equipped with 2 powerful lasers designed to perform surgical operations at a molecular level!


Unique Lasso Mechanic

You must draw Circles around BLACK melanomas to destroy them! The bigger your circle, the more melanomas it can destroy in one go!

You must also switch to your Laser weapon to destroy the WHITE melanomas!

Switch between the 2 weapons in order to counter the relative melanomas.


Prevent Cancer from Spreading!

The cancer will spawn randomly around the nucleus…
It will grow more rapidly overtime, and it is up to you to hold the line, and kill off as many Melanomas as you can, before inevitably being overrun.

Each melanoma kill equals 1 point. Scores are uploaded to an online database. Play and compete against others for the high score on our online leaderboard!

In-Game Screenshots




Nelson Gay : Game Designer

Chloe Tse : 2D Artist / 3D Artist

Choi Delegado : 3D Artist

Carlton Zhu : Programmer


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