Set some time in the not-too-distant future… Our hero, with the ability to rewind time, attempts to save the occupants from a suburban inferno! Save everyone in the correct order. Rewind time to try again!

Game Features

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Rewind Time Mechanic!

You have 1 minute to complete your mission, but you have the special ability to rewind back time!

Use this unique ability to fix the mistakes that you make, prevent disasters from happening and solve the puzzle before the time runs out!

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Save the Civilians!

There are 5 civilians that you have to save! Each will face their imminent death, unless you can prevent the disasters from happening!

Use the tools scattered throughout the burning house to figure out which item can prevent which disasters from happening!

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Compete for Fastest Time!

Once you have figured out the solution to the game and know how to save all the civilians, you can play again to beat your fastest time!

The game is highly replayable, and much more intense and exciting if you are going for a speed run!

Game Trailer




Winner for Best Use of Theme!

Every year GGJ has a different theme.

The theme for GGJ 2015 was a quote:
“What Do We Do Now?”

We designed TIMEBURN to be a puzzle game with time travel mechanics, that have you battle against time, and require you to constantly think about what your next step should be, in order to successfully complete the mission.

We are really priviledged to win this years Game Jammy award for the “Best Use of Theme”!





The Team!

TimeBurn was created during a 48hr Game Jam by 4 people!

Credits (From Left to Right)

Adam Katz :
Technical Artist / Programmer

Kwan Chemsripong :
Character / Environment Artist

Pierre Duyker :
Composer / Sound Designer

Carlton Zhu :
Programmer / Game Design



Download Here – Free To Play!

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Download for WINDOWS
TimeBurn.exe ZIP (50mb)
Download for MAC ZIP (50mb)
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