Explore the depths of the ocean with Lela on a quest to recover the Mystique Gem, in this underwater diving adventure! But watch out! There are some sinister creatures down there! Can you survive the dark below?

The game introduces the core mechanic of PUSH and PULL. You must pull in all the air bubbles to maintain your oxygen level, but you must PUSH away all the enemies to avoid being damaged. Its the mindful balance of push and pulling that makes this game a uniquely challenging!

Created for Global Game Jam 2017 with 5 team members – under for theme “WAVES”.


Game Features

Suck Bubbles for Air

Dive deep down below, but maintain your oxygen level by sucking in all the air bubbles lying around, with your suction cannon!

Push Away Enemies

The ocean is full of dangerous marine life, and you must use your repulsion blaster to push them away. But be careful not to push away all the oxygen bubbles.

Survive the Dark Below

As you dive deeper, it gets darker, it gets more dangerous, and you also become low on air! Can you survive all the way to retrieve the treasure at the bottom of the ocean?!




(From Left to Right)

Pierre Duyker :
Composer / Sound Designer

Carlton Zhu :
Gameplay Programmer

Nik Sutila :
Character Animator / Artist

Kwan Chemsripong :
Environment / Character Artist 

Adam Katz :
Technical Programmer



Gameplay Video

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