Featured on Xbox Magazine



Having been a gamer since young, and having been reading alot of ‘gaming magazines’ whilst growing up, last thing you’d ever expect would be that one day, you too would be somewhere within these magazines!

Ive been very privileged to have been referred to by a work colleague as being a “game developer”… and Ive gotten interviewed by Xbox magazine and got featured on one of their issues!

(Actually, it wasnt much of an interview….. they just give you a batch of questions via email… and then you reply to those questions back via email: and voila….. its printed into the article)!


Still… having started this journey 2 years ago… this marks a good milestone nevertheless as a sign of heading in the right direction! At this stage, this is to me… not a thing to be bragging about, nor be happy about being famous or anything.

Its more like a small reward that helps validate our efforts in having spent all those weekends grinding on our games… whilst unhappily watching facebook friends enjoy life at the beaches / social events. And that this one magazine will hopefully play a crucial part in sustaining us for more lonely weekends to come..


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