Recent Purchases

Yet another set of purchases to add to the “expenditures” to indie games development.

I record all the purchases so that hopefully it can give an idea to people interested in becoming making games, what can they expect in spending once they are in the business, and an estimate of the CAPITAL needed.

WordPress and Basis Theme – $195

So we moved over from GoDaddy to WordPress, due to better Blogging capabilities!
Personally, i could have developed the website myself (in which i already did half), i decided that i might as well just BUY a pre-made theme thats similar to what i wanted. At this stage when you really want to prep your game for release, you really dont want to be bogged down on developing a webpage from scratch, and saving time is worth MORE than saving money!

So all this involved

  • purchasing the theme: $79,
  • transferring domain name from Godaddy to WordPress: $17,
  • and also WordPress itself is $99

Windows Phone – $85

Its very common for people to be biased towards a certain phone (Android / IOS), but when it comes to a business, its important that your GAME can reach as many audiences as possible, even on Windows Phone!I bought a Lumia 800 off Ebay (second hand) for $85. RRP goes for about $160.
Personally ive never used a Windows Phone before, or any slightest clue how the operating system works, let alone trying to putting our game onto it.
But with the upcoming competition at LVLUP:
I thought we’d give it a go since Draw A Box is coming close to release. Plus its good learning experience anyway to see what a windows phone is like, and once we figure it out, we can start publishing all our apps onto Windows phones!An additional portal means additional reach, and from our previous experience when we bought our Android tablets… it also means you activate the media attention of the people who write about Windows Phone Apps!

Mobile Gorilla Pod – $45


I bought a Gorilla Pod (for mobile) on Ebay for $45. (More expensive than i thought!).With the launch of our first game coming soon (Draw a Box), theres one thing that we havent been focusing on, and that is VIDEO content! There has been many times where I’ve wanted to record development videos, but do not have the tripod / props to record it on a nice angle (since im usually alone when i do it, so theres no additional hand helping out.

Ive once used 2 chairs to clamp a broom, and then use tongs to clamp my Iphone onto the broom, in order to create a home made tripod. I was quite proud of that rig actually :). But its not every day that there is a broom nearby.

The gorilla pod is mainly for me to be able to film on my own (which is quite frequent), when theres no extra hands to help out. Video content is something that takes me away from actual game development, and i hate doing it… but it has to be done if you want quality video content… to let people have a good impression on your game >.<

Conclusion – Total $325

So theres another $325 investment into things not directly related to games development, and with no direct feedback with results, but hopefully will be something that will create a positive affect to the journey from the now, and make its impact to the business sometime soon!

I hope this adds some insight as to why you need “CAPITAL”, and where it gets spent on!

Gorilla Phone


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